Window Install, Repair and Replacement

Windows are vital in a yacht and they must be installed correctly, securely and be watertight. Shortcuts are easy to hide in the fibreglass industry and professionals find them all the time – bog, repair not locked into frame, incorrect application of chemical procedures, quantities, and products. A qualified shipwright will choose not to take short cuts and always use quality products as their reputation means everything to them.

There are few problems that can cause more damage and detract from the value of your boat than window, porthole and hatch leaks. Fixed and sliding windows for boats, houseboats and yachts, are custom built to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need lightweight windows or heavy-duty windows designed to endure the most severe conditions, our craftsmen can build the window for you. Even well constructed boats will eventually develop leaks simply because boats are not totally rigid structures. Ship and boat windows, especially on racing yachts tend to twist and flex quite a bit, and poorly constructed boats flex a lot more than they should.

boat repair shed

Professional shipwrights who provide window repair and replacement services for boats include the following services:

  • Refurbishment and re-sealing of windows
  • Re-building sliding and opening windows including fitting new channelling, weatherstrips and seals
  • Re-glazing and re-sealing damaged and crazed hatches
  • Re-glazing of existing windows in Perspex and/or toughened glass in a range of tints or clear
  • Cutting, drilling and bevelling Perspex windows and opening ports in a variety of thicknesses
  • Fabricating Perspex companionway washboards
  • Supplying a wide range of fixings, fasteners and bedding compound.

Composites have numerous advantages over conventional building materials, including ease and durability of repair. Composites are gaining larger acceptance in all types of modern vehicles, yachts, aircraft, structures, and recreational equipment. Many choices including glass tint, frame style and shape are options that help you custom build your own window. Glass tints range from clear, solex (green), solar bronze, solar gray, solar cool bronze (mirror finish) and dark gray.

  • Fixed & Sliding Configurations
  • Tempered Glass, Laminated Safety Glass, Acrylics & Polycarbonates Available
  • Anodized Aluminum or Powder Coat Frames