Marine Welding of Steel and Aluminium Boats

Welding is a skill that someone will learn and refine over many years. There are some welders who specialise in stainless steel solid steel security doors and hatches, window grills, gates, marina fences, security grills, stainless steel custom fittings, marine welding and steel boat repairs. Careful craftsmanship is required for repairs and maintenance.

We recommend Newcastle Welding for small boat repairs.

new railings

The kinds of repairs that are typical for steel or aluminium boats include:

  • Damaged Skegs
  • Damaged Cavitation Plate
  • Lower Unit Housing
  • Pontoon Boat Pontoons
  • Pontoon Boat Railings
  • Complete Prop Repair

There are other types of aluminium welding techniques and situations; discuss your requirements with your selected welder before you let them get started so that you both know what your expectations are.

marine welding

A skilled boat welder will locate leaks in your pontoons and repair them. They will weld broken railings, bimini top frames, support poles, slide assemblies as well as all the other parts of a boat that are made of aluminium and steel. If it can’t be repaired and welded then they should be able to fabricate new parts for you.

A highly experienced metal boat builder will be able to provide assistance with:

  • Hull Repair and Refit – in all materials
  • Engine Beds
  • Tanks – Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Steel
  • New Construction of Vessels

Select a provider who can fabricate and weld to meet your needs and style, and who can have your boat components powder coated to match. If possible make sure you are comfortable with some installation your self or find a tradesman who can also do onsite installations.

boat in a shipyard for repairs

Preparation for welding

The surface to be repaired must be free from oil, grease, paint or any other contaminant to ensure maximum adhesion. If solvents are used, dry surface before rough sanding a minimum of 75mm around area to be repaired.

Do your best to get the boat ready for welding and clean before you hand it over so that you can save on time, cost and get a better job.