Boat Repairs and Restoration

We can recommend shipwrights who can provide fibreglass, gelcoat and timber boat repairs, restoration, refinishing and custom gelcoat colour matching. If your boat or yacht has dull, chalked, faded gelcoat colour we connect you to someone who can restore it to it’s former beauty.

Get professional help to rejuvenate your pride and joy with colour restoration and refinishing processes. There are a number of quality local providers of boat repairs and fibreglass repairs who can also offer pin-striping and boot-striping, complete floor and carpet or headliner replacement & pontoon and houseboat furniture replacement.

We recommend Alkira Boatshed for boat repairs and restoration.

alkira boatshed

Damage to your fibreglass or timber boat or yacht can be caused by accidental collisions, docking, rock and reef grounding, wind, storm, trailer, general “wear & tear”, the sun will fade even the most persistent colours eventually. Get professional help to repair and improve the look of your yacht and extend the life of your boat.

boats being repaired

Get in touch with experts in repair of minor & major gelcoat & timber damage including holes, cracks, chips, air-pockets, scrapes, gashes, crazing, osmotic blistering a.k.a. “boat pox”, scratches, dock rash, rot and delamination. If your boat has any type of fibreglass impact or structural damage, fractures, soft or rotted floors, transoms or stringers get it repaired promptly to prevent further damage.

Sometimes simple teak deck cleaning isn’t enough to bring the teak back to life. A qualified shipwright will perform a regeneration process to bring back the teak decks original beauty.

Speaking with a qualified shipwright will help you answer questions you may have regarding the care of your boat or to offer referrals to specialist suppliers for your boating needs.

Services that a qualified shipwright can assist you with.

  • Wash and polish to cut and buffing with abrasives
  • Interior carpets, seats etc
  • Air brushed designs
  • Vinyl designs
  • Registration or name lettering
  • Traditional painted signwriting and artwork

Touch ups, recoats or complete boat varnishing services, a qualified shipwright can make your woodwork the perfect accent to any boat, whether inside or out. Woodwork can become daunting, however qualified shipwright experts can remove any coating currently coating your wood, sand and prepare the wood for fresh boat varnish, then apply the correct number of coats to create the ‘yacht quality’ finish. Once a complete boat varnishing service has been performed you may select a schedule to insure your woodwork is always protected against natures elements.

boats for restoration

Ask a qualified shipwright for help with the following services:

  • Expert structural and cosmetic repair
  • Boat extensive-damage repair
  • Delamination and dry-rot repairs
  • Custom fabrication
  • LP coatings and gelcoat repair
  • Perfect colour match

It’s best to get assistance and even learn from them as you go.