Boat Bottom Painting and Antifouling

Individually small, accumulated marine biofoulers can form enormous masses that severely diminish ships’ maneuverability and carrying capacity. It results in corrosion, increased drag, loss of speed, and increased fuel consumption. In order to minimise the impacts of foulers, many underwater structures are protected by antifouling coatings.

timber boat to be repaired

A heavy duty, configurable boat cradle and trailer slip that can be sized to suit your boat, launch or yacht is available. Allure Boats can also custom build a boat cradle to suit your vessel from scratch.

yacht ready for antifouling

During the course of the sailing season, it may be that the hull below the water-line becomes thick with the growth of algae and other marine organisms. As well as the impact this growth has on the performance of the vessel through the water, such organisms can become harmful to the material that the hull is constructed from.

There is an extensive range of marine colours for your basic antifouling requirements. If you have more specific antifouling requirements there are also a specialised range of paints to meet your needs.

shed where you could antifoul a yacht

You want to ensure that the correct preparatory steps are taken to maximise the effectiveness of hull antifouling. Where appropriate, the hull should be sanded down to provide the proper ‘key’ and a primer coat is applied. High quality anti-foul is then applied according to the manufacturer’s specification, thereby ensuring that the hull has maximum protection from the build-up of algae and other marine organisms that serve to impede the performance of the craft in the water and to attack the integrity of the hull material.

boat that needs to be antifouled

Boaters and yachties and boat owners alike can help underwater hull cleaners, marinas and boatyards control costs, promote a healthy boating environment and encourage abundant marine life by considering environmental factors when selecting an antifouling strategy.

You can reduce antifouling expenses by:

  • Going boating often
  • Hire an underwater hull cleaner
  • Clean hull often to prevent hard growth
  • Select a paint that does not require caustic solvents
  • Use a hard, less toxic or non-toxic paint
  • Wipe hull often to remove soft growth and algae.

Do your best to maintain the hull of your boat and keep your costs lower and reduce your environmental impact.

Example of a yacht about to be antifouled

keel repair and antifouling 01

keel repair and antifouling 02

keel repair and antifouling 03

keel repair and antifouling 04

keel repair and antifouling 05

keel repair and antifouling 06