Structural Boat and Yacht Repairs

Covering not just cosmetic dings and scratches, but also major repairs of structural damage to hull and decks, delamination, refinishing, blistering, etc. Shipwrights will have witnessed just about every flaw and form of damage or deterioration a fibreglass boat can suffer.

using a grinder to repair a boat hull

There are few problems that can cause more damage and detract from the value of your boat than window, porthole and hatch leaks. Fixed and sliding windows for boats, houseboats and yachts, are custom built to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need lightweight windows or heavy-duty windows designed to endure the most severe conditions, our craftsmen can build the window for you. Even well constructed boats will eventually develop leaks simply because boats are not totally rigid structures. Ship and boat windows, especially on racing yachts tend to twist and flex quite a bit, and poorly constructed boats flex a lot more than they should.

structural yacht repairs

Composites have numerous advantages over conventional building materials, including ease and durability of repair. Composites are gaining larger acceptance in all types of modern vehicles, yachts, aircraft, structures, and recreational equipment. Whether it is a minor accident or major hurricane damage, our experienced and qualified technicians can perform the correct fiberglass repair to insure the structural integrity of your vessel. From simple rub rail damage to deck repair and hull restructures, a shipwright will get you boating again.

Repairs to a wooden boat

wooden boat structural repair and painting 01

wooden boat structural repair and painting 02

wooden boat structural repair and painting 03

wooden boat structural repair and painting 04

wooden boat structural repair and painting 05

wooden boat structural repair and painting 06