LED Boat Lighting

LED Lighting Uses Less Power so your Battery Storage Lasts Longer

LED lighting is probably the most cost and energy efficient option for lighting in the market right now. The shift to LED in Australia has been increasing given the versatility of this product and the improving technology which makes it cheaper every time. Another good thing is that LED can be used almost everywhere. LED lighting can be used in the house, on signage, in toys, and even in watercrafts such as boats.

Boats usually have limited battery life and electrical installations should be energy-efficient to be able to make your battery last longer.

Boat batteries, like cars, can last to about two years. However, with cost-efficient solutions, the battery life of your boat can be extended and can give you extended boat hours.

Here are some points you need to know why LED lighting for your boats is the best option if you want to prolong your boat battery life:

  • LEDs lasts longer but requires less energy

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient among lighting options such as incandescent bulbs CFLs. A LED bulb can last to about 40,000 hours. With the long lifespan, LED also gives 100% performance each time you use it as it converts energy to full brightness while some lighting options use part of the energy for heat. This reduces heat in your boats and a cooler environment onboard. 

  • LEDs do not need warm-up

LED lighting instantly emits its full brightness when you turn it on. This means that you do not need to wait for it to warm up, as in the case of CFLs, to achieve full lighting. LED technology can also enhance the lighting of your boats as it can be dimmed warm light depending on your mood. It also comes in various colours giving you limitless options to customise your boat lights. This also promotes safety since the typical light on your boat can get hot when used for a long time and can cause electrical glitches for you and your boat especially when on the water.

  • LED lighting is bug-free

Bugs, especially in the water, can be a hazard and can limit your visibility since they tend to crowd over the lighting. It is important to note that since LED does not emit UV rays, it does not attract bugs. Choosing LED lights for your boat also increases the lifespan of the lighting and prevents electrical damage since bugs can infiltrate the lighting system and damage the boat lights.

  • LED lighting helps in navigation

LED lighting is quite helpful in navigation especially in the night time for boats as LED gives off more light and can break through glary conditions. LED lights also focus light in a single direction which helps sailors see better and enhances the safety of navigation. This also saves you money and energy as this can replace halogen lamps. Halogen lamps require more energy and are usually expensive.

One company that provides versatile lighting solutions for boats is Global Home Solutions. This company offers the Lumaled technology. With their technology, LED bulbs can consume to as low as 6 watts and can be used in large to small scale projects. Global Home Solution’s lighting options also come in a sleek design that gives an aesthetic advantage to your boat. In addition, their lights come in different colours which can add appeal to your boats especially at night. The possibilities are endless when you use LED lighting for your boats.

More importantly, their LED boat lights can last up to 40,000 hours and require low maintenance. These LED boat lights also do not flicker and do not emit UV rays which make your boat brighter and healthier.

It is also good to know that Global Home Solutions’ lighting options help you save up to 70% of energy consumption providing savings for you and therefore encouraging more sailing time and happy memories with your boat.

So, if you want the best cost-efficient option, shift to LED lighting for your boats and enjoy big savings and other advantages of using an environment-friendly option.