Boat Detailing and Cleaning

Make sure you have all the right equipment to professionally clean your boat. In detailing a boat you want to thoroughly clean and polish it once any repair and maintenance work has been done. Part of the cleaning process should be to remove hull coat blemishes, jet wash the hull coat and present the boat to the in the best possible condition, often just like it was new.

boats that will be detailed

From buffing & polishing through to bilge cleaning, teak rejuvenation, all metal cleaning & polishing, leather & vinyl, carpet shampooing, boat show cleaning & detailing, and sanding & relacquering there is a lot that can be done to maintain a yacht or boat.

Typical a boat cleaning service consists of the following as a minimum:

  • Rinse exterior of vessel, including covers.
  • Wash down exterior of vessel & chamois dry.
  • Clean & wipe of interior surfaces of cockpit area.